About 2ndStep

We are a young company and vital project, a design study located in Castilla La Mancha (Toledo-Spain) created and supported by family, partners, friends and VIP professionals. The management team are brave young entrepreneurs who see their personal future project, the creation and production team is a mix of young talent and senior professionals with over twenty years of professional experience and intellectual development, about industries and markets high-tech high competition.

The idea that started the project, is the need as citizens put our knowledge to the service to transform the environment around us. In our case we believe that especially Spain, Europe and Latin America must transform its productive sector, ie companies have more product of anonymous services, business opportunity or aggressive environmental industries.


In this sense we believe that companies create and manage innovative products of high technology entrepreneurs and teams need to know the state of the art of the "Science of Product" professions is around and how to properly implement this science, at least as well as in USA and JAPAN, reference countries in this field.

There are some such companies, of all sizes and condition that ignore many of the skills necessary for the proper performance of the activity and others want to evolve and do not know how, is also necessary to train young professionals to help the tissue business, present and future. Here we want and we think we can play a role and add value in the line of the mission described.